[Translation] Blackstar Theater Starless “Burning breath” Lyrics

I’m back with another bsts song translation! It’s been a while hasn’t it? I told myself that I’d work on the songs from the 2nd album but I haven’t 😆

I’m really loving both songs from this chapter though! I initially liked Team K’s “Raise your resolve” more than Team W’s “Burning breath” but right now I’m obsessed with this one, so I just had to translate it. I usually like one side’s song more than the other one, but both songs are really good!


How is the bsts fandom doing though? Y’all okay? 👀 Season 3 is almost over and I am definitely not ready for what’s to come. Like I’m excited, but I’m worried at the same time lmfao I hope y’all are starting to get ready. Good luck to everyone!

Anyways, I hope you fall in love with this song as well. Enjoy~ Because it is not a bsts song if it’s not full of angst 😢

※Please DO NOT repost, retranslate, or use my translations in any way without permission. Translation may not be 100% accurate.



  • Title: Burning breath
  • Artist: Akira (Singer: Taro Kobayashi)
  • Game: Blackstar Theater Starless
  • Event: Season 3, Chapter 8
  • Team/Cast Members: Team W / Kokuyou, Ginsei, Akira, Sin, Taiga

“The fearless hero, Siegfried, fell in love at first sight with Brynhild who sleeps in the burning mountain. The two swear their love for each other on a ring, unaware of the dark clouds approaching the man’s back. In the future, he loses his memories and betrays the one he lovesーーー”



(Game Version)

Burning breath yeah
Grab, grab, swing down the sword!
Advancing like the searing fire
To be praised forever and ever

The sun has fallen into the water’s surface
The constellations have disappeared from the dark night
lost the time? lost the words?
A lack of passion
Continues to make me feel frustrated
so why?

I swing my sword when my emotions get the best of me
I can’t let it go, I can’t calm down
The agony is out of control somehow
Throwing me into a swirling breath

Ha! Crying in the dark
What’s the meaning of that expression?
I am being shaken by those eyes
Haunted by the shadow of this pain

Our bodies intertwined, we have become one now, woven in steel
Shake it off with a burning breath, purify it with the swaying fire
Until the answer has melted the fragments of uncertainty
round and round
Seeking for an end to the doubt and hatred


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