[Translation] Blackstar Theater Starless “Raise your resolve” Lyrics


  • Title: Raise your resolve
  • Artist: Kei (Singer: Ray Fujita)
  • Event: Season 3, Chapter 8
  • Team: K
  • Original Work: Der Ring des Nibelungen

※Please DO NOT repost, retranslate, or use my translations without permission. Translation may not be 100% accurate!


“Having reached the end of his escape, Siegmund met his fate under the ash-tree. His younger sister and his mortal enemy’s wife, Sieglinde. Knowing that their feelings for each other are forbidden, they choose to throw everything away for love. They believe that their feelings alone will be enough and won’t be broken, even if the gods are against them.”



★Game Version

Can it be conveyed? This ardent feeling of completeness
When touching someone that looks just like you
For instance, even if it’s a sin
It was only with the warmth that you gave me
That I experienced spring for the first time
We exchanged an oath just between the two of us

While I was being pursued by the winter wind 
Everything was taken from me 
I was unable to protect anything
I could only lament
Over the yearning and memories
Inside of you
Was where I found the truth, reflected in your eyes

As if invited by the flickering fire
That’s hiding inside the dark forest 
Will you take my hand and come here?
Let us share 
The sweetness of falling together


What better way to finish the event than to share the translation of this beautiful yet tragic song. I loved it since the very first time I listened to it even though there’s a great feeling of sadness inside my chest every time. Translating it reminded me why I originally liked it more than “Burning breath” and once I read the story behind it, the meaning of the lyrics became even sadder 😢 I hope I was able to convey it properly with my translation 😆

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