HANDEAD ANTHEM to release new audio drama “Butterfly EffecT”

HANDEAD ANTHEM has announced a new audio drama called “Butterfly EffecT.” It will be released on HANDEAD ANTHEM’s official YouTube channel beginning July 31. A physical CD will also be released. More details will be announced soon!


The new audio drama will feature all 22 characters and will include a collection of short stories where new developments and appeal will unfold through their interactions with each other.

The first story will feature Manato Ishigaki (CV: Kento Hama) who is going back home to his parent’s nursery school after he received a phone call while he was relaxing at the sharkHouse.

The announcement trailer of “Butterfly EffecT” has been released. Check it out below:

Butterfly EffecT/01. Manato Ishigaki has been released. Check it out below:

Official Links


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