[Translation] Fabulous Night Host Chat: The Hosts That Like Festivals 🎇

The relationship between Reimu, Yashiro and Mint is so wholesome 🥺❤ I once said Neo Basara wasn’t for me and I’d like to take that back right now lol I got my CD already, so I’m going to be listening to it tonight 🎧

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Rei-san! Yassan!
Y’all free this weekend, right? 👀✨


Hey, don’t decide that on your own.
Is there something going on?


You want to go to the festival, don’t you?


Rei-san are ya’ an esper? Yup!
I wanna go with the 2 of ya 💖


You’re going to make us buy candy apples or something like that.
Well, that’s fine with me.


Yassan’s also an esper!
What about Rei-san? 🥺


I don’t mind.
I also like festivals.

Source: Fabulous Night Official Twitter

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