Yokeimono no Koi Act 1 Younosuke Tachiyama

Yokeimono no Koi Act 1 Younosuke Tachiyama, the 1st volume of Camellia’s Yokeimono no Koi Series has been released. Camellia is a new sublabel of HOBiGIRLS btw. Please note that this work is recommended for ages 18+ before you proceed.

※Please DO NOT repost, retranslate, or use my translations without permission. Disclaimer: Translation may not be 100% accurate!


You work for a publishing company and have been assigned to be in charge of the painter “You Tachiyama” after your predecessor quit. You go greet him at once, but he puts you to the test as soon as you meet him. You were able to pass the test safely, however, Tachiyama tells you that he still won’t trust you. After that, you are tested repeatedly at every opportunity that he gets……This is a love poem spun with a scoundrel.



  • Younosuke Tachiyama (CV: Masato Kawamura)


  1. テスト
  2. 賭け事
  3. 待合せ
  4. 甘味
  5. 動揺
  6. 寂寞
  7. 指切り


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