Goodbye Team K Ginsei?

I knew something like this was going to happen eventually, but I wasn’t expecting for it to go down in the “Hana wa Kasuka ni” MV lol It seems like Ginsei’s future in Team K is uncertain. (Hasn’t it been for a while now though?) Out of all the songs, they really had to choose THIS one to do this. I’ve been looking forward to it for far too long. I can’t help but think they did us both dirty lmfao


I think it’s safe to assume Ginsei won’t be part of the stamen this time, right? Imagine Ginsei finding out that he’s not part of the stamen, but that he still has to appear in the MV. No wonder he looks angry 💀 (angry Ginsei is so hot though) My heart hurts for Ginsei because I know how much he loves Team K. My boy has gone from K’s No.2 to P’s No.5 and who knows what position in K now. 😭

I always had the feeling Ginsei would eventually leave K and stay in P, but every time I thought it was finally happening, it didn’t. Now that it seems like it’s really possible, I don’t think I’m ready lmfao

Now, nothing has been confirmed yet, so I’m probably getting ahead of myself lol This is just my guess based on the MV and previous observations, but it makes sense to me that Ginsei will end up staying in Team P while Yakou in Team K. Before you continue reading, let me warn you that from here on it’s pure delulu territory, so take everything with a grain of salt lmfao

New Team K stamen?

I always thought it was weird how Ginsei’s Team K outfit was different from the rest. A minor detail, but still different. Now look at them all matching. Yes, I’m talking about the fur! Was Ginsei always destined to leave Team K!? Have they been preparing us for this since the very beginning!? 😂 

Why do I think Yakou is permanently going to Team K and replacing Ginsei? For one, Yakou is a singer, he wasn’t going to sing for just 1 or 2 events and then say goodbye, right? It would be a waste. Of course he was going to get more songs and that was something that would have been difficult to do if he remained in Team P. Just think about it, Team P already has 3 singers and it’s not like they evenly distribute the songs. Now imagine having to distribute songs between 4 people. That would mean that they’d need to give P more events, etc. to give all the singers a chance to shine, so yeah it doesn’t make sense for Yakou to be in Team P. It also doesn’t make sense for Yakou to be back just to be a minor cast member. The only team that has space for Yakou right now is K.


For that reason, even though I want to think this is just temporary, I can’t help but wonder if it’s going to be permanent. I can see Ginsei going back to K but does it make sense for Yakou to go back to P? I can see Ginsei in both K/P but would it be necessary for Ginsei to be in K if Yakou is there? It could work if Yakou is unavailable sometimes, but I mean Yakou has already been missing in action for quite a while now, so I doubt they’ll make Yakou miss out on even more events. Are they really gonna make Yakou oshi suffer again? Not to mention that they can’t always rely on Ginsei covering for that missing Team K/P cast member. Every once in a while is fine, but every single time? They’re overworking him. Plus depending on the event, it won’t be possible sometimes. It seems the solution is for Yakou to go back to P, but again, 4 singers in P is a little too much.

Something I also realized when I first watched Team K’s Madness Joker MV was how Yakou surprisingly fits Team K’s image. He really gives off that regal aura, Ginsei, on the other hand, is more princely which I think suits the image of Team P best. Now I’m not saying Ginsei doesn’t belong in K. I think he suits both teams!!! I just don’t think the current Ginsei is a good fit for Team K or its No.2 position. You see, Ginsei gives it his all and is very capable, but he doesn’t realize how great he is because he lacks confidence! That is ultimately what is costing him his position and it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. 😢 But well, I actually think something like this needed to happen for him to grow as a character! However, once that happens, will Ginsei be able to go back to Team K or will he realize Team P is where he belongs?

I also don’t think it’s impossible for Ginsei & Yakou to go back to their original teams, I do know how much Team K means to Ginsei afterall. I just think that it’s going to take a while. I mean, I thought Ginsei was going to be in Team P for a short while but look at us now 😂 Plus I’ve said this before but we’ve been slowly getting that Team P Ginsei merch and now some Team K Yakou merch so… 👀👀👀

Honestly, I can’t wait to see what happens! I’m probably wrong though lmfao I wonder if it’s possible for Ginsei to stay in both Team K & P or if he will ultimately have to choose just 1. As a Team P & Ginsei oshi, it would be perfect for me if Ginsei were to stay in Team P. Best case scenario for me is Team P/K Ginsei as greedy as that sounds, but I am a Team P & K oshi afterall! I’m also fine if he stays in K tbh, but that’s my last option. But when I think about Ginsei’s feelings, I can’t help but feel conflicted 😅 (PS. I’m probably changing the title lmfao)

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