Fushigi no Kuni no Pierrot

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Chouette has released a new CD. It’s now available for purchase in digital format on DLsite.

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You, a university researcher, woke up one day in a dimly lit room, though you had no memory of ever going to sleep.

The place was very similar to your university, however, there was no sign of other people in the quiet premises, and the stagnant air was somewhat eerie which made you feel an indescribable sense of fear.

While you searched for a way to get out as soon as possible, you ran into Minoru Utsutsu, your junior at the lab. You were relieved to see a familiar face, however, he didn’t know what he was doing there either.


While the two of you were trying to grasp the situation you were in, an unfamiliar man appeared before you. He was wearing clown makeup and laughed foolishly as he approached you with a knife in his hand.

“Welcome to a wonderland filled with blood and terror. I love watching you suffer.”

He swung his knife down without hesitation as he spokeーー

What was the clown’s purpose? And what secret did the mysterious world hold?


Pierrot (CV: Akira Miraku)

A mysterious clown that appeared in Wonderland. He loves seeing the heroine suffer and won’t leave her alone. He laughs at cruel things like murder & r*pe.

Minoru Utsutsu (CV: Manaka Sawa)

The heroine’s underclassman. He asks the heroine out every day and no matter how many times he is rejected, he will never give up.



  1. ようこそ、不思議の国へ (Welcome to Wonderland)
  2. 血のパーティー (Blood Party)
  3. 慰め (Comfort)

Reality Route

  1. 元の世界へ (Back to the Real World)

Pierrot Route

  1. 本物の涙 (Genuine Tears)
  2. 瞬の永遠 (A Short-lived Eternity)


  • Title: Fushigi no Kuni no Pierrot
  • Original Title: 不思議の国のピエロ
  • Cast: Akira Miraku & Manaka Sawa
  • Release Date: October 29, 2021
  • Label: Chouette
  • Type: R18 Drama CD
  • Where to Buy: DLsite (Digital)


A cute kouhai and a messed up clown!? Count me tf in 🤪 less slice of life/vanilla/office/marriage CDs and more like these please 🙏🏻 like nooo you don’t have to wait until October to give me this messed up content, just give it to me year round 🤣

I know damn well that I’m going to hell for liking shit like this but I’m a big ass clown so what did you expect from me lmfao 🤡

Source: Chouette Official Website

One thought on “Fushigi no Kuni no Pierrot”

  1. If these two seiyuus are together we are in for a wild ride 😂 I never thought I would see them again in another drama after YumeFuchi/SonoAi

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