Pythagoras Production Shining Stage Vol.2 UNICORN Jr.

Yessir!!! is an upcoming unit CD scheduled to be released on November 24. It’s UNICORN Jr.’s fifth single and also the second entry in Pythagoras Production’s Shining Stage series. The CD will consist of 2 new songs and 1 drama track.


  • Tsubasa Shindo (CV: Aoi Shouta)
  • Alto Takamura (CV: Chiharu Suwashiro)
  • Teruma Nakamura (CV: Toshiyuki Someya)


  1. Yessir!!!
  2. 千差万客
  3. オリジナルドラマ



  • Title: Pythagoras Production Shining Stage Vo.2 UNICORN Jr.
  • Original Title: ピタゴラスプロダクションShining Stage Vol.2 UNICORN Jr.
  • Release Date: November 24, 2021
  • Type: Character Song
  • Official Website:
  • Official Twitter: @Pythagoras_info


Tell me again why I’ve been sleeping on UNICORN Jr. when they have songs like these???? “Yessir!!!” is so damn good! 😍 Here I’m trying to save money and now I want to own this CD 😫 Let’s see if I can squeeze it in my budget for November~

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