[Translation] Blackstar Theater Starless Halloween 2021 Talk: Rindou

Story Details

  • Title: Halloween 2021 with Rindou
  • Participants: Rindou & You
  • Requirements: Give 100 chips in total to Rindou during the “Trick or Truth” event period.

※Please DO NOT repost, retranslate, or use my translations without permission. Translation may not be 100% accurate!

You: Hello, Rindou. You’re in Starless.

Rindou: Yes, the Halloween event starts here today.

Rindou: Team P’s “Cat Town” will be held simultaneously with Namjatown.

Rindou: After the show over there is finished, I’ll hurry and come back to perform here at night.

You: It sounds like a pretty tight schedule.

Rindou: It’s certainly not easy, but I’m happy to be able to have a show in Starless.


Rindou: The restaurant was renewed and we were able to safely welcome Halloween for the 3rd time.

Rindou: It’s all thanks to the customers who come by to support us.

Rindou: We look forward to your continued support for Starless.

You: Likewise.

Rindou: Well then一一Let me start over.

Rindou: Welcome to Theater Starless.

Rindou: Starting tonight, for Halloween, customers who wander in here will be asked to make a choice.

Rindou: ――Trick or Treat?

Rindou: Are you going to give me a sweet treat or do you prefer a little mischief from me?

Sir I was about to call the 🚔! How is this man legal???? My heart almost stopped beating & I almost dropped my phone!!!! It doesn’t help that it’s voiced like hot dayum I’ll get on my knees for you 🥵

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