Tears of Themis Official Merch GO 11

I’m hosting a GO for Tears of Themis Official Merchandise: “Secrets of the Tomb” Series, “Bewitching Night Rave” Series, & others! USA/Worldwide orders are accepted ☆ Please see the order form below for more details!

shares appreciated!  #lieselGOs

  • Status: Open
  • ETA (Pre-Orders): February 2022
  • ETA (Re-Runs): December 2021

Secrets of the Tomb Series

  • Acrylic Badges
  • Acrylic Wall Arts
  • Diamond-shaped Can Badges
  • PP Posters
  • Metallic Bookmarks

Bewitching Night Rave Series

  • Halloween Acrylic Stands
  • Halloween Irregular-Shaped Can Badges

Nightmare Series

  • Can Badge 
  • Shikishi Illustration Board
  • PP Poster 


  • Acrylic 2022 Calendars
  • Cotton Long Sleeve Pajama Sets (Sizes: S, M, L, XL)
  • Plush Slippers
  • Plush Headbands
  • Shikishi Illustration Boards
  • Plush Coin Purses

Re-Run Goods

  • Irregular-shaped Can Badges
  • Shikishi Illustration Boards
  • Square Badges

🔔 Payment confirmations are updated every 72 hrs. If the status of your payment has not been updated after 72 hrs, please contact me ASAP.

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