Kuroi Yume 4th Night Gaiden #34 workmen’s

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The spin off of Kuroi Yume 4th Night has been released. It’s now available for purchase in digital format on DLsite.

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You went to your part-time job at an apartment construction site’s soup kitchen. After the construction work had to be put on hold due to rain, you were gangbanged by three construction workers. They continued even in the car on the way back home.

The men who got a hold of your contact information want to attack you even on their own……



  • Team Leader (CV: Netoru Irakusa)
  • Deputy (CV: Tsubasa Kuzai)
  • Student (CV: Wataru Oonabara)


  1. 夢の続き
  2. 「俺だけの愉しい時間」副班長だけと
  3. 「会いたくて」学生だけと
  4. 「安全靴」班長だけど


  • Title: Kuroi Yume 4th Night Gaiden #34 workmen’s
  • Original Title: 黒い夢 第四夜 外伝 ♯34 workmen’s
  • Cast: Netoru Irakusa, Tsubasa Kuzai, & Wataru Oonabara
  • Release Date: November 05, 2021
  • Label: Bitter Princess Label
  • Type: R18 Drama CD
  • Where to Buy: DLsite (Digital)

Source: Bitter Princess Label Official Website

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