R18 Drama CD – Misshitsu x Hyouhen room.2 Fashion Model Shima Nagami

CD Info

Original Title: 密室×豹変 room.2 ファッションモデル 永見志真
Cast: Mikado Sumeragi
Release Date: October 22, 2021
Label: Queen Lily
Rating: 18+

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You are devoted to your work as a fashion magazine stylist. You work together with Shima Nagami, a model with the image of a playboy who has put up an emotional barrier. One day, Shima suddenly becomes a totally different person during a photoshoot when the two of you are alone on the bus!

“Hey, tell me more. What else do you like?”

Since that day, your eventful days of being monopolized and loved too much by him begin…


Shima Nagami (CV: Mikado Sumeragi)

Age: 27

A friendly fashion model with good communication skills. You can’t help but be moved by his good nature, however, there’s a part of him that you don’t know about…

Voice Sample

⚠️ Earphones recommended!!

Source: Official Website


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