Blackstar Theater Starless AGF2021 Merch

I’m hosting a Group Order for Blackstar Theater Starless AGF2021 Merchandise! USA/Worldwide orders are accepted ☆ Please see the order form below for more details!

shares appreciated!  #lieselGOs

  • Order Form:
  • Deadline: November 17
  • Paypal, Ko-Fi, Venmo & Google Pay 🆗
  • Status: OPEN
  • Purchase Bonus ✅
  • Character Sorting ✅


  • 2022 Desk Calendar 
  • Tapestry (Can Choose Team)
  • Aurora Coin Case (Can Choose Team)
  • Acrylic Stand Vol. 1 (Random / Character Sorting)
  • Acrylic Stand Vol. 2 (Random / Character Sorting)
  • Aurora Can Badges (Random / Character Sorting)
  • Aurora Acrylic Keychain (Random / Character Sorting)
  • Transparent Cheki (Random / Character Sorting)

🔔 Payment confirmations are updated every 72 hrs. If the status of your payment has not been updated after 72 hrs, please contact me ASAP.

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