FAB-EL – Atarashii Sekai he

Atarashii Sekai he is FAB-EL’s 1st digital single that was released on November 02.

FAB-EL is a unit from HeavenlyHelly, an idol (music x drama) project. HeavenlyHelly’s official site has the option to change the language to English and their videos also have English subs, so it’s worth checking them out!


  • Roush (CV: Yudai Mino)
  • Fauta (CV: Sho Fujisawa)
  • Gab (CV: Kaito Takeda)
  • Jellie (CV: Taichi Kusano)
  • Mika (CV: Toshiki Tanaka)


  1. 新しい世界へ



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