Sayonara, Daisuki, Onii-chan

A new label, Sweet Fraise*, has released their first CD titled Sayonara, Daisuki, Onii-chan. Please note that this work is recommended for ages 18+ and if you have not already guessed by the title, yup it’s incest, but it’s Masato Kawamura so onii-chan route it is 🥵

※Please DO NOT repost, retranslate, or use my translations without permission. Disclaimer: Translation may not be 100% accurate!


I love you, that’s why this is goodbye────

Your beloved older brother Kou is your precious family and also your lover that you can’t tell anyone about. You’ve been together since you were children, and have been through both the fun and hard times together.

“Big brother, I’ll always be with you.”

You thought those days would last forever. You never imagined that there would be a day in which you would have to part ways.

One spring day, Kou decided to end your relationship and moved out. Unable to accept breaking up with your beloved brother, you showed up to his new place uninvited, but there, you found your brother had changed completely and that he loved his sister, you, too much.


Your brother’s feelings that you had no idea about began consuming your body and heart.

────This is a story about an ordinary brother and sister.


  • Kou Takase (CV: Masato Kawamura)


  1. 秘密の恋人
  2. いかないで
  3. さよなら
  4. おかしな兄妹
  5. だいすき、お兄ちゃん



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