lieselGOs Updates: November 2021

You know I’m busy with packing orders when I’m dead silent in all of my accounts 😂 The pictures above are from the packages that arrived from Japan & China this past week~ These will be combined with the rest of the packages that had already arrived.

I’m expecting 1 more package this coming week and that will be the last one for this batch. I automatically combined orders, so you don’t have to submit a request or anything 😘 Please note that only orders/goods shipped in this batch can be combined for shipping because I need to get these orders out ASAP!

I initially thought that it would take me about 2-3 weeks to finish packing everything, but I made a lot of progress! I finished packing Evelogia merch (Batch 1), TOT merch (Batch 1), and most of the Personal Orders that have arrived. I will focus on MLQC merch and other big orders this coming week.

If everything goes well, I might have all orders packed by this coming week. I don’t expect to ask for the 2nd Payment until around the 21st. Once I contact you, please pay ASAP, so that I can ship your order.

Just a heads up that replies will be slower than normal, so I apologize in advance if I’m unable to reply right away. If more than 48 hrs have passed since you contacted me, feel free to message me again! Please note that updates, order statuses, and payment confirmations are through the Masterlist only, so I probably won’t reply to those messages or reply whenever I have time. You can find all sorts of info about the orders in the masterlist, so please check there first before reaching out to me 🙏🏻

One last thing, as of now, updates on Instagram will be super slow meaning that I’ll post orders 3-4 days after I’ve posted them on my website, on Twitter, and Tumblr. I really recommend that you follow me on those 3 accounts so that you don’t miss any orders!

That’s it for now, until next time!