R18 Drama CD – Oshiete, Sensei. Shiki Momose no Baai

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Original Title: 教えて、センセイ。 桃瀬志生の場合
Cast: Atsushi Domon
Release Date: January 28, 2022
Label: GOLD
Rating: 18+

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You have a crush on your neighbor Shiki, who leaves for work at about the same time as you every morning, but the timing is never quite right to the point that you don’t even know his profession.


However, as luck would have it, you end up becoming his patient and since then, your conversations have become more than just greetings. The distance between you and him, a straightforward man, begins to rapidly close――


  • Shiki Momose (CV: Atsushi Domon)


  1. いつもの朝
  2. 先生との帰り道
  3. 大きな一歩
  4. センセイの夢
  5. まっすぐすぎる人
  6. 足りません
  7. あふれだす
  8. 隣人、兼

Voice Sample

🎧 Earphones recommended

Source: Official Website


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