lieselGOs: Payment Method Updates

Hello! Before I continue opening more orders, I’d like to make a proper announcement about the recent changes for payments via Paypal.

! Please note that this only applies to Group Orders, Personal Orders & Merch Sales, it DOES NOT apply to Splits !

A new law came into effect in the US recently regarding receiving more than $600 USD in online transactions, specifically goods & services transactions.

In preparation for this new law, I opened a Paypal business account primarily for international joiners who could only pay via Paypal goods & services or Ko-fi. I initially planned to continue using my personal account for the rest, but in the last few weeks, there were a lot of joiners that sent payment via Paypal goods & services to my personal account which made things a bit complicated.

After a lot of thinking (& research), I decided that it’d be best to use my business account from now on and take payments via Paypal goods & services. What that means is that if you choose to pay via Paypal, a small transaction fee of 6% will be added to your total.

USA joiners, you are free to continue using Paypal, but if the fee is an issue for you, there are other options like Venmo & Google Pay that as of now, don’t require a fee.

International joiners, most of you could only pay via Paypal goods & services, so this change should not affect you. To the ones that it will affect, I’m truly sorry that at the moment I can only offer Paypal & Ko-fi to you.

Once again, I’m truly sorry to everyone who this change will affect and thanks for your understanding 🙇‍♀