R18 Drama CD – Futari no Omoide. Kankin sareta Anata no Matsuro

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Original Title: ふたりのおもいで。 ~監禁されたあなたの末路~
Cast: Yuu Asagi
Release Date: February 01, 2022
Label: EpinoiR
Rating: 18+

※Please DO NOT repost, retranslate, or use my translations without permission. Translation may not be 100% accurate!


When you opened your eyes, there was an unfamiliar man in front of you. You didn’t even know “where” you were or who “this man” was. While you were trying to figure out what was going on…

“Oh, you’re awake? Good morning~!”


At the same time you heard that, you felt an excruciating pain and discomfort in the lower half of your body.

−−That’s right, that was “your” memory of that day.


  1. Waking Up
  2. Off Guard
  3. Madness

Source: Official Website

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