Blackstar Theater Starless – Hanami 2022 Event “Flowers, Oh Flowers, Thou Shalt Not Scatter”


  • Title: Flowers, Oh Flowers, Thou Shalt Not Scatter / Hana yo Hana yo Chiru Nakare
  • Original Title: 花よ花よ散るなかれ
  • Event Period: April 02 – April 15 (12:59 AM CST)

Akira and Rindou were chosen as the tops of the 2 mixed teams for the Cherry Blossom Viewing show. Alongside the cast members they selected, they’ll face off in a dazzling showdown with a script from a third party playwright.


  • Title: Nagori no Hana
  • Original Title: 名残の花
  • Vocals: Akira (Singer: Taro Kobayashi)
  • Lyrics: Katsuo Kawasumi
  • Music: xaki
  • Title: Hinageshi
  • Original Title: ひなげし
  • Vocals: Rindou (Singer: Ajikko)
  • Lyrics: Aiko Takase
  • Music: Yoh Ohyama
  • Arrange: Eiji Nakamura


New ★4-cards featuring Team Akira (Akira, Kei, Mokuren, Yakou, & Menou) and Team Rindou (Rindou, Kokuyou, Qu, Taiga, & Ran) in their Cherry Blossom Viewing outfits are now available! These cards have a special effect during the event. Don’t miss the ★4-card exclusive scenarios!


The Blossom Card 2022 is on sale now! It includes a “Cherry Blossom Viewing 2022 ★4-card Guaranteed Gacha Ticket”, and a VIP event themed title! You will also earn more chips in the daily log-in compared to a regular black card.

Source: Blackstar Theater Starless Official Twitter Account


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