Blackstar Theater Starless 3rd Album Voting Results Announced!

The results are the following:

  • 1st Place: Kokuyou (910,340 pt)
  • 2nd Place: Akira (602,250 pt)
  • 3rd Place: Kei (534,290 pt)
  • 4th Place: Lico (502,660 pt)
  • 5th Place: Rindou (414,760 pt)
  • 6th Place: Mizuki (404,140 pt)
  • 7th Place: Yoshino (335,390 pt)
  • 8th Place: Yakou (313,410 pt)
  • 9th Place: Mokuren (290,990 pt)
  • 10th Place: Nekome (247,940 pt)

I can accept Ginsei not making it *cough* fake Ginsei fans *cough* but Rindou in 5th?! I will not accept it! I trusted you my fellow Rindou oshi 🥲 (joke)


The results were surprising, but at the same time they were not lol To be honest I wasn’t a big fan of the voting system because 1) the voting period was too short and 2) The pt system was just ass in general. It would have been nice if all votes were worth the same amount of pts. I love my oshi, but I ain’t buying 6+ albums for my votes to be worth 5000 pts 😆

The top 10 were divided into 2 teams depending on their ranking (odd & even).

The teams are the following:

ODD: Kokuyou, Kei, Rindou, Yoshino, Mokuren

EVEN: Akira, Lico, Mizuki, Yakou, Nekome

What are the odds that certain cast members didn’t end up in the same team?! How about you give me a team with Rindou, Kei, Mizuki, & Lico haha 😂😂😂

Anyway, congratulations to the top 10!!! 🎉 Even though I would have liked different results, I don’t mind these results!!! I mean it still worked out in my favor as the odd side includes my faves, so it’s not so bad afterall 😘

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