Blackstar Theater Starless Medley Event “BLACKSTAR III” Has Begun!


  • Sorting Battle: May 13 (7:00 AM CST) – May 18 (12:59 AM CST)
  • Block Battle: May 18 (2:00 AM CST) – May 23 (12:59 AM CST)


A medley event is an event where you play 2 songs in a row. The target songs this time will be from the 3rd album.

The event is divided into 2: Sorting Battle & Block Battle

  • Sorting Battle (1st Half): Compete against all players to be sorted into your respective block for the “Block Battle”
  • Block Battle (2nd Half): Compete against players in your block


There are 3 types of medley event rewards you can receive:

  • Event Points Rewards
  • Sorting Battle Rewards
  • Block Battle Rewards

You can get limited gacha tickets, limit badges, a limited title and more!


In commemoration of the CD voting project, the cards of the cast members in the highest odd & even rankings will be available in the pickup gacha for a limited time!

Take advantage of these cards to get an upper hand in the medley event!

A paid diamond SIDE ODD / SIDE EVEN Cast Member Limited Gacha is now available! The cards of the highest ranking cast members are confirmed in each gacha!


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is blackstar-theater-starless-medley-card.png

The Medley Card is on sale now! It’s a great-value chip card and you will earn more chips in the daily log-in compared to a regular black card.

Source: Blackstar Theater Starless Official Twitter Account

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