R18 Drama CD – Toiki ga Ippai Series “Run & Breath” ~Kohei Hirooka~

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The 2nd volume of Storytime Garden S’ Run & Breath drama CD series has been released! It’s also now available digitally on DLsite.

⚠️ This work is recommended for ages 18+, so proceed at your own risk!

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You and Kohei are co-workers. You have feelings for Kohei, but have never told him how you feel in fear that it would ruin your relationship. One day, you receive an invitation from Kohei――


He had a secret.

Will you accept him because you love him, or――


Kohei Hirooka (CV: Shinsenryoku)

  • Age: 27
  • Birthday: September 08
  • Occupation: Office Worker
  • Height: 178cm
  • His Relationship with You: Co-workers
  • Favorite Food: Whatever you like


  1. Virtual Happy Hour
  2. Shoe Shopping
  3. First Running Date
  4. At his House
  5. Dark END -His Desire and Blackmailing-
  6. Light END -The Aroma of Two-


  • Title: Toiki ga Ippai Series “Run & Breath” ~Kohei Hirooka~
  • Original Title: 吐息がいっぱいシリーズ「Run & Breath」 ~廣岡皓平~
  • Cast: Shinsenryoku
  • Release Date: June 24, 2022
  • Label: Storytime Garden S
  • Type: R18 Drama CD
  • Where to Buy: DLsite (Digital)

Source: Storytime Garden S Official Website

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