lieselGOs Updates: July 2022

Hello everyone! I’m almost done packing the June/July batch! woohoo!!! 🥳 I plan to send 2nd payment quotes from July 29 – Aug 5th.

If you’ve changed your primary contact method aka your Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram handle, it’s important that you let me know ASAP especially if you placed an order before December 15, 2021 and didn’t provide an email address in your order form. Please note that if I can’t find you or reach you, you’ll be marked as MIA and your goods will eventually go up for reclaim with no refund. For those that need to update their shipping information, please wait until I contact you for the 2nd payment.

Some of you were having a bit of trouble finding the orders, so I’m going to add a new tab in the masterlist where you’ll be able to see which orders are part of this batch. You’ll be able to access it within the next few days! 

Shipping will begin shortly. As always, thank you so much for your patience 💕

– Liesel