R18 Drama CD – Age no Oto Vol.1

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Original Title: アージュの音 Vol.1
Cast: Souji Sarutobi
Release Date: June 24, 2022
Label: GOLD
Rating: 18+

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You’re a fashion assistant at a certain apparel company, and one day at work, you meet the âge singer, Rou. However, Rou is self-centered and hard to please, leaving a terrible first impression. You go home feeling irritated about his whole attitude, and as luck would have it, you run into him when you arrive at your apartment, only to discover that he’s your neighbor. To add insult to injury, he makes a snide remark which only worsens your impression of him.


But as you continue to work together, you’re able to catch a glimpse of his real personality――.


  1. Arrogant Cheeky Neighbor
  2. Smoke
  3. Thank You Jello
  4. Like a Date
  5. Ablaze
  6. True Feelings
  7. Musician’s Girlfriend

Voice Sample

🎧 Earphones recommended

Source: GOLD Official Website


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