LieselGOs Updates – August 13, 2022

Hello everyone! I’m still alive haha I finished sending out 2nd payment quotes for the June/July batch!!! Finally!!! 😭❤️ 

I’m shipping the first batch of packages today (Saturday) and the rest of the packages throughout next week as everyone sends their payments in. The sooner I receive your 2nd payment, the sooner I ship your package! I’ll continue sending tracking information on Monday.

In addition, a couple of packages containing mostly Tears of Themis in-stocks arrived earlier than expected, so I’ve also been working on sorting and packing those orders. I’ll begin sending out 2nd payment quotes for those some time next week!

A reminder that in my orders, if you provided a Twitter, Tumblr, and/or Instagram handle, then I’ll contact you via DM for your payments. I only contact you via email if you only provided an email for your contact information or if your DMs are closed/can’t find your account. If I ever decide to go the email-only route, I’ll make an announcement.

I’m going to be updating the masterlist this weekend and plan to work on the order form for the new For All Time merch and maybe a few other forms for merch I’m interested in buying. I’ll most likely post those during the coming week! I’ll update my Nu: Carnival lottery merch in-stocks some time during the week if I have time. 

Do note that my replies will be extremely slow for the next week or so. If I don’t reply within 5 days (excluding weekends), feel free to bump up your message. Once I’m done with shipping hell, I’ll work on clearing out my inboxes.

Before I go away for the weekend, let me just share my favorite song right now and yes, this is also me trying to drag you into Fabulous Night hell lol ⬇️⬇️⬇️

The song and MV are *chef’s kiss* I just love Kensho Ono, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, and Takeo Otsuka’s vocals!!! Don’t mind me, I’m just going to pretend I’m at the beach with my man Gilgamesh 😎🏖️💕

aaaaa he’s so beautiful 😭💕💕💕 Okay but Tenma hello sir???

You can’t attack me like this…my heart can only handle so much 😳😳😳

Anyway lol Shipping hell is almost over 🥂 As always, thank you for your patience and I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

– Liesel 🐿️