[Translation] Blackstar Theater Starless – Rindou ★4 Card Story “Water Splashed” Part 1

Story Details

  • Event: Season 4 Summer Fest 2022
  • Title: Water Splashed
  • Participants: Rindou, You

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※Please DO NOT repost, retranslate, or use my translations without permission. Translation may not be 100% accurate!

✨Y/N = Your Name

You: (We’re free to walk around on our own, I wonder where I should go.)

Rindou: (Y/N), have you decided where you’re going first?


You: Not yet.

Rindou: The park’s huge, so it’s hard to choose.

You: I know right.

You: What about you, Rindou?

Rindou: I’m planning to visit the aquatic exhibit first.

Rindou: And the arctic exhibit after that.

You: The arctic exhibit?

Rindou: Yes, they have polar bears and penguins.

You: It must be nice and chilly there.

Rindou: Would you like to go with me?

You: Can I?

Rindou: Of course.


-At the Aquatic Exhibit-

You: Omg! There’s a lot of fish!

Rindou: This looks like the freshwater fish exhibit.

Rindou: Those over there are sweetfish and crucian carps.

You: Rindou, you really know your stuff.

Rindou: Haha, I wish, but I just read what’s on the information sign.

Rindou: Look, it’s over there.

You: Oh, I see it now.

Rindou: Besides the animals on exhibit, the information signs are also interesting.

Rindou: I also like to read the fun facts column, there’s information on how to tell the fish apart and such.

Rindou: You can really feel the enthusiasm of the aquarium staff members, it’s heart-warming.

You: That’s wonderful.

*crowd cheering*

Rindou: A lot of people have gathered over there. Is there an event going on?

Rindou: According to the pamphlet, that’s the arctic exhibit.

Rindou: Do you want to go check it out, (Y/N)?

to be continued…

Game PageRindouAll Cast Members

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