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Landlord: “The commercial started airing today.”

Hisora: “It’s my commercial……”

I didn’t know how to react to seeing myself on the TV that had been installed in the living room.

Even if it’s to protect me, it’s a little――no, it’s really embarrassing to see myself.

Komachi: “It’s a retro model, that really brings back memories, doesn’t it?”

Koko: “I’ve watched TV before……it was at my friend’s house in town, but we had one here, too.”

Landlord: “It’s been around since the Showa Era, but nobody seemed to care, so I just put it away.”

Hisora: “Really……”


I was told there weren’t many forms of entertainment in this world, so I assumed there wasn’t any TV…… but how can there be no TV when there are phones and electricity, right?

Akari: “Showa Era, huh? Landlord, just how old are you……?”

Naruomi: “Chairs are not allowed to speak.”

Akari: “Ahyye!”

Asuku: “Hey, that’s disgusting, so stop it.”

With a look of pure ecstasy on his face, Akari writhed his hips as Naruomi spanked him with a bar. Asuku gave the two a look of disgust, but he didn’t return to his room. It seemed like the TV had also caught his interest.

Mio: “Does it have Starpar? Carchoon Network?”

Naruomi: “Can we watch the news?”

Landlord: “It doesn’t have any of those things. To begin with, there is only one channel and the programs are all boring.”

Naruomi: “……What about historical dramas?”

Landlord: “Oh, you can watch those.”

Game PageCG Gallery

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