[Translation] Nie no Machi -Iro Musubi- Gallery 4

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Naruomi: “Ah……”

I was surprised to see Naruomi standing outside when I was getting off work.

Hisora: “……”

Naruomi: “……”

What is Naruomi doing here? Dressed like that, too…… There was a question mark circling around my head.

Naruomi opened his eyes wide with surprise. He probably wasn’t expecting for my coworkers to be there as well. 

Senior: “Do you know him, Hisora?”


The seniors asked me as they looked back and forth between us, perhaps because we stared at each other without saying anything.

As long as I don’t say anything, they won’t find out about our relationship. I panicked and my mind went blank.

That’s why……

Hisora: “……I don’t.”

Naruomi: “……”

As soon as those words left my mouth, Naruomi averted his gaze awkwardly, and walked away.

While I wondered whether to chase after him, Naruomi got in a taxi and left.

Sorry, Naruomi. I didn’t know what to say……

Senior: “Did he get the wrong guy?……Well, who cares.”

My seniors started walking and I followed after them. But in my heart, I began to feel a sense of guilt for what I had just done to Naruomi.

Game PageCG Gallery

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