[Translation] Nie no Machi -Iro Musubi- Gallery 6

⚠️ Please note that this post may contain spoilers for the original Nie no Machi game, so proceed at your own risk! I recommend playing the original game first, it’s available digitally on DLsite.

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Hisora: “Whoa!”

Something cold fell on my left hand. I’d just started eating, but the popsicle was already melting.

Hisora: “Huh?”

Black? That wasn’t the color of the popsicle. There was some kind of black liquid on my hand.

What the? Is dirty water falling from somewhere? I looked up as the thought crossed my mind.

And there…… it was.

An ominous-looking skeleton was leaning over my shoulder and looking at me.

Plop. Black saliva dripped down and fell on my hand once again, filling the air with the strong stench of rotting meat.

“I don’t want to die.”

I thought I heard something in my ears.

Game PageCG Gallery

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