lieselGOs Updates – Important Announcements

Hello everyone! There are several important announcements, so please make sure to read everything 🙏🏻

Masterlist Maintenance – The masterlist will undergo maintenance beginning September 19. End date is still TBD as I don’t know how long it will take me, but no worries, the masterlist will stay up throughout the maintenance period! If you happen to come across anything that looks out of place, please just ignore it for now. I’ll make an announcement once I’m done~

Form Submission Notification – For some reason, I didn’t receive email notifications when some of the forms were submitted this past week. I’m checking each form individually right now to see if I missed anyone. If you submitted a form this past week and I never contacted you, please let me know ASAP!

Backlog Messages – I have a huge backlog of DMs/Emails, so expect extremely slow replies. I’m trying my best to reply to everyone as fast as possible, but I can only reply to a few per day. Feel free to bump your message after 5 days.

In addition, priority will be given to Emails while DMs will be subject to longer response times. A reminder that if you need to contact me about your order, it’s best to contact me by replying to the order confirmation email. Lastly, please DO NOT ask me questions already answered in the FAQ. I’ll likely ignore you or redirect you to the masterlist.

September Batch – September batch should be arriving by the end of September. I’ll provide more details about the batch at a later date and you’ll be given enough time to prepare for the 2nd payment, so please don’t ask me if your order is part of this batch. I’ll make another announcement once Shipping Hell begins!

And that’s all the announcements for now! As always, thank you for your patience 💕