Gacha Hell – Nu: Carnival “Astral Duo” 🌑🌕

I’m fucking shaking!!! The Astral Duo came home in just 39 pulls and Blade came home twice what??? A celestial phenomenon indeed!!! I went in expecting crumbs and got a full course meal thank you 😭🙏🏻 I wish everyone pulling for these 2 good luck!

Kuya’s rooms were *chef’s kiss* KuEi makes my heart melt 🥺💕 The way I unlocked all 5 of Kuya’s rooms in less than 24 hours shows just how much of a chokehold this ship has on me.

Quincy doesn’t stay far behind~ I’m now on my way to unlock his 4th! QuinEiKu 3P when?! 😳

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