Gacha Hell – Blackstar Theater Starless “New P 5-stars”

Team P getting a new event/gacha right after 3rd anni? More likely than you think because Team P oshi never have it easy….but that’s not necessarily a bad thing 😉

Maybe it’s just me, but when it comes to Blackstar, I usually don’t pull for 5-stars or Main Story 4-stars since you can get those at any time. I couldn’t resist pulling for my oshi team though!

We had the opportunity to get up to 20 free pulls, but I decided to buy dias anyway, so let’s see how many new P 5-stars I can get.

Well here goes my first 10 pull!


A wild P 4-star has appeared, but that’s not what we’re looking for so onto the next~

Omggg a P 5-star!!! I know the odds of it being my oshi are small, but please let it be Rindou or Ginsei 🙏🏻

I love all P members, so I’ll be happy regardless, but getting my oshi would be the best! I’ll cry if it’s not a new P 5-star though lol


What’s this?! A silver K star has become a 4-star!!! A nice surprise before the big reveal! 

And it’s none other than…

Ginsei!!! It’s always good to see Ginsei. Now if he could do the same but with a 5-star 🥺

I wonder who the 5-star will turn out to be!

Rindou or Ginsei pls, Rindou or Ginsei pls, Rindou or Ginsei pls 🙏🏻


omgggg it’s Ginsei!!! my man came home aaaa 😭❤️

The way Ginsei was my first 5-star in this game and now he’s my first new 5-star card makes my heart happy!!!

Since I already got one of my oshi, I can stop here, but I’ll do a few more pulls and see if I can bring Rindou home~


I ended up doing 60 pulls in total and only got one new P 5-star and my oshi nonetheless! Honestly, I didn’t have high expectations for this gacha lol I mean, what were the odds of me getting Rindou or Ginsei or even a 5-star to begin with??? The gacha gods treated me well this time hehe 😌

I still can’t believe Ginsei came home! I’m over the moon right now ❤️ I’m dying to awaken his card, but judging by how long it took me last time, it’ll probably take me a year or so…so if anyone has the awakened version pls show it to me I beg you haha 😆

Rindou, I’ll definitely bring you home next time, just you wait my prince!

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