Gacha Hell – Ensemble Stars!! Music (EN) x Sanrio Collab Scout! “Cherished Cutie”

Just when I said I was “dropping” Enstars EN and focusing solely on Enstars JP, they decided to announce this collab and with Hiiro & Mayoi nonetheless! Not to mention that Cinnamoroll happens to be my fave sanrio character *clenches fist* so they really came after my ass huh 😂

Surprisingly, I had over 10,000 dias saved up, so why not take a chance?!

From my experience, I usually get the 4 & 3 star cards, so I was pretty confident about either Niki, Kohaku, or Hiiro coming home no matter what. I knew my chances of getting Mayoi were slim, and getting him on the 1st try even slimmer, so I tried not to keep my hopes up!

With that in mind, I tried my luck with a single pull (trial run lol) and then foreals with a 10 pull…


We were off to a good start~ I got Niki (twice) & Hiiro on my first 10 pull!

I was already more than happy with my pulls at this point and pretty much “done”, but I decided to pull one more time! Please come home Mayoi 🥺

I closed my eyes as soon as I tapped the screen, but still ended up opening them just in time to see the rainbow lights 😂 I tried not to get excited since it didn’t necessarily mean it was Mayoi!

And the one who came home was…


Mayoi!!! 🥰 I also got Kohaku, but I was so excited that I forgot to take a screenshot haha T_T

I didn’t screen record this time which I deeply regret, but maybe that was the reason why I got good luck this time???


I was able to get everyone and it only took me 21 pulls, so I’m beyond happy with my pulls! I guess I’ll stick around Enstars EN for a little while longer 🥰

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