R18 Drama CD Split No.46 – October 2022

Hello, I’m hosting a split for R18 Drama CDs scheduled to be released in October 2022! Please see the registration form below for more details.

Shares are appreciated too! ❤  #lieselGOs

  • Registration Form: bit.ly/3SHr1aa
  • Deadline: Oct 21 (11PM CST)
  • Status: Completed
  • Payment: Paypal, Ko-Fi, Venmo, & Google Pay 🆗
  • Total CDs: 7 (including tokuten, if any) + Bonus Gifts
  • Shop: Stellaworth (Unless stated otherwise)

Charisma Uranaishi Anata no Kokoro wo Shihaimasu

  • Original Title: カリスマ占い師 あなたの心を支配します
  • Cast: Yuu Asagi
  • Release Date: October 14, 2022

Amaretto Lovers type1.Hibiki Momone

  • Original Title: Amaretto Lovers type1.桃根響
  • Cast: Kumaniku Fuyuno
  • Release Date: October 28, 2022

PrivateDetective2 Film.4 Yuki Suzaku

  • Original Title: PrivateDetective2 Film.4 朱雀優希
  • Cast: Kumaniku Fuyuno
  • Release Date: October 28, 2022

Kimi no Tenohira no Ue -Professional Boyfriend Aoi Kimisaka-

  • Original Title: キミの掌の上~Professional Boyfriend 君坂蒼~
  • Cast: Souji Sarutobi
  • Release Date: October 28, 2022

Prince Complex Dakenai Kare

  • Original Title: プリンスコンプレックス・抱けないカレ
  • Cast: Masato Kawamura
  • Release Date: October 28, 2022

Saikai vo.5 Setsubou

  • Original Title: 再会 vol.5 切望
  • Cast: Noboru Tetrapod
  • Release Date: October 28, 2022

Shinai naru Thanatos Vol.6 Sakumei

  • Original Title: 親愛なるタナトス 第六巻 錯迷
  • Cast: Go To Bed
  • Release Date: October 28, 2022

R18 Drama CD Split No.46

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