Tell Me Who Your Oshi Is Without Telling Me Who Your Oshi Is – 🍩 Edition

Still thinking about how Donuts mistakenly put Ginsei in Team P’s banner 🤭💕 Fyi for the yukata ver. merch, Ginsei was not supposed to be in P, but in K only.

It was the same for the image they posted on Twitter. Donuts, your oshi is showing, but same though 🙈❤️

Both images have been fixed since then, but honestly, they should have left it like that! I got excited for nothing haha 😭💔

And by “that” I mean include him in both K & P banners. Ginsei is Team P main just as much as he’s Team K main! As such, his merch shouldn’t be limited to 1 team rather it should be doubled, no?

“Is Ginsei in two teams?

“Yeah! He’s in both K & P!”

“This means my fave’s content has doubled……”

I mean, I’m aware that in most cases it just wouldn’t work because of the different stage outfits, team colors, etc., but they’re all wearing yukata here, so I don’t see the reason not to include him in both this time.

So with that said, they should continue doing what they did for the Black Live III merch and include him in both teams. Afterall, Ginsei has KP, P only, & K only fans!

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