Gacha Hell – Blackstar Theater Starless Ginsei’s 2022 Birthday

Ginsei’s Birthday Step-up Gacha Complete ✅

It seems they’ve decided to change it up a bit by implementing a new birthday system and of course my oshi had to be the first lol

In previous years, we’ve only had birthday titles, but this year we get a birthday step-up gacha where you can get the usual birthday title, 50 skill pieces, and a new item called the Birthday Cocktail. Oya? I’m very interested in this item 👀

I literally have (almost) all of Ginsei’s cards, so I was not too keen about spending my dias on the birthday gacha, but it’s not like I had a choice lmfao The Birthday Cocktail could only be obtained on the 3rd and last step, so I could not escape the 30 pulls. That’s 9,000 paid dias…well played Donuts 😩

Might as well take the chance to see if I could get any of the cards that I was missing, but tbh all I really wanted was to get my hands on the Birthday Cocktail 😆

My Pulls

I got one of the cards I was missing on my first pull! Prinsei & Catsei also came home and even though I already own multiple copies, they’re some of my fave Ginsei cards 🥺💕

Got it!!! Maybe I’ll make a post about it later 👀

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