R18 Drama CD – Amaretto Lovers type1.Hibiki Momone

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Original Title: Amaretto Lovers type1.桃根響
Cast: Kumaniku Fuyuno
Release Date: October 28, 2022
Label: Camellia
Rating: 18+

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While casually browsing through social media, you come across the popular “handsome rental boyfriend” Hibiki Momone. Wanting to see for yourself, you decide to hire your first ever rental boyfriend, and go on a date with Hibiki. He doesn’t reveal much and there’s a certain mysterious air to him which only makes you become even more interested in him.


One day, you bump into Hibiki in private, and his attitude turns out to be completely different.


Hibiki Momone (CV: Kumaniku Fuyuno)

He’s a college student. He came across Amaretto while searching for a part-time job, and decided to register. He’s a realist who believes that “money is more important than love”. He’s also really popular with older women.

Source: Official Website


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