R18 Drama CD – Prince Complex: Dakenai Kare Saku Kirigaya

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Original Title: プリンスコンプレックス・抱けないカレ
Cast: Masato Kawamura
Release Date: October 28, 2022
Label: h.Adam
Rating: 18+

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You’re a nursery teacher living together with your boyfriend, Saku Kirigaya. Even though your days are peaceful and happy, you’re concerned about his busy schedule as a hotel concierge.


The thing is that the two of you have yet to move past the kissing stage. So on the night of your anniversary getaway, you muster up the courage and approach Saku.

But the moment after you start to get it on, you feel something fall on your chest――he had gotten a nosebleed!!

He tells you that it happens to him every time he becomes aroused. It turns out the always perfect Saku had an unexpected side to him.

After he tells you that he didn’t want to show you his uncool side, you decide to take the lead.

He apologizes for making you wait for a really long time and after the two of you talk about his complex, you finally become one. But Saku’s possessiveness is revealed little by little――!!

Source: Official Website


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