[From Liesel] Happy New Year 2023 ✨

Waaah! I can’t believe another year has gone by! I’m posting this a little later than usual, but I wanted to write a proper message, rather than to post a rushed one.

I think 2022 was my busiest year yet, and I wasn’t able to be as active online as I would have liked to be. Still, I was able to do and achieve many things which I’m super happy about!

There were many ups and downs along the way, not only in my personal and professional life, but for Sinful Liesel as a whole, which includes both blogging and hosting group orders.

Throughout the years, I’ve experimented with different blogging styles, and I think along the way, I may have wandered off a bit and lost sight of what I originally had in mind.

However, thanks to those experiences, I was able to take a step back and be reminded once again of why I do what I do, which is why 2023 will be about a new beginning! I want to return to this blog’s roots, and also embrace the change that has made it into what it is today. I’m excited to see how 2023 will go~

Both my blog and site have gone through many changes over the years, haven’t they? (haha) I’m grateful to everyone who is still here despite that.

I hope that Sinful Liesel continues to bring you joy and entertainment or whatever it is that you seek, but most of all, I hope you can still consider it a safe space where you can scream about your faves, ships, content preferences, etc. without the fear of being judged.

There are many releases and events to look forward to this year and I hope to be able to continue fangirling with everyone 💕

Thank you for your continued support and Happy New Year!

– Liesel Langley

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