[Translation] Nie no Machi – Happy New Year 2023

⚠️ Please note that this post may contain spoilers for the original Nie no Machi game, so proceed at your own risk!

※Please do not repost, retranslate, or use my translations without permission. Translation may not be 100% accurate!

Hisora: “Are you ready?”

Yukihira: “Yes! I got these from the guys, I’m happy we’re both matching.”

Hisora: “I think they might be too stylish for me…”

Yukihira: “I think they look good on you. So cute.”

Hisora: “Wow…They also look good on you, Yukihira.”

Yukihira: “Really?”

Hisora: “Waah! It’s dangerous to hug someone out of the blue…Now, let’s head out for our first shrine visit of the year.”

K-Koushiki-san?! Are we really going to throw spoilers out in the open like that or was I the only one that didn’t know Koko’s real name until recently??? So glad I completed the game on time lol Anyway, Koko and Hisora are so fucking cute!!! I think I might die of cuteness overload 💕

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