R18 Drama CD – Bukiyou to Sensei to, Koi

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Original Title: 不器用とセンセイと、恋
Cast: Kazuya Irodori
Release Date: November 25, 2022
Label: iris quartz
Rating: 18+

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You’re a doctor working at an all boys school and you secretly admire the math teacher and your co-worker, Mr. Takana. One day, Mr. Takana comes to the infirmary with a fever. Just as you were about to treat him, he suddenly pushes you down. He then takes a picture of you in a disheveled state, and demands sex in exchange for his silence…



Jun Takana (CV: Kazuya Irodori)

A math teacher who works in the same place as you. He’s highly educated and handsome. He fell in love with you at first sight and has been one-sidedly in love with you ever since. He’s the jealous type.

Source: Official Website

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