lieselGOs Announcements: Jan 25, 2023

Shipping Schedule

Shipping Hell has now begun! The estimated timeline is 5-6 weeks.

Due to the high volume of orders, the packing and shipping process will be split into several batches, so that I can start shipping orders ASAP. The first batch of orders should be ready to be shipped as early as next week! 💖

Orders that have arrived are now listed in the arrivals page. I’ll continue to move the orders from upcoming arrivals to arrivals as they continue to come in.

Keep in mind that the shipping process might take a bit longer for orders that are to be combined with other orders, require the purchase of additional shipping supplies, etc.

I’ll make an announcement once Shipping Hell is over. If your order is part of this batch, I’ll contact you before then~

Response Times

Delays in replies are to be expected. Feel free to bump your email/DM if it’s been more than 7 days since you’ve contacted me and haven’t received a reply. Please note that priority is given to emails while DMs are subject to longer response times.

It might also take me a bit longer to collect and confirm payments. However, it should not take me more than 5 days! If I take longer than that, please do not hesitate to contact me 🙏🏻

Upcoming Changes

I’m in the process of (slowly) revamping the Masterlist. As of now, orders have been renamed and now include the order number in the title, so that’s it’s easier to find them.

I also plan to add some new things to lieselGOs in the near future!

I’ll make a post listing all significant changes once I’m finished. I hope that these upcoming changes will make the whole process easier!

…And that’s all the updates for now. Thank you so much for your patience and kind understanding!