[Translation] Blackstar Theater Starless – Beyond the Door

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Team P is starting fresh with a new team lineup. In order to focus on directing, Rindou gives the center position to Sinju. Just when preparations seem to be going smoothly, a rift forms between Menou and Nekome──

Rindou: It looks like everyone is here. Before we begin, I would like to talk about the team lineup once again. Some of you may have already heard, but Ginsei has returned to K.

Maica: I see, so he’s finally gone back……

Menou: Does that mean that Nekome’s officially in P?

Nekome: Seems like I am now, so once again, I look forward to working with y’all from now on~

Sinju: Likewise.

Menou: That means you’re no longer a “customer”. Hehe, I’m looking forward to it.

Rindou: Now that that is out of the way, let us begin. Team P is in charge of this year’s Valentine’s Day show.

Sinju: Woohoo!!!

Rindou: I finished putting the script together earlier, it’s over there.

Menou: You’re fully prepared. Let me see it……

Nekome: Oh~ Is it young adult fiction this time? Wholesome and enjoyable, don’t ya think?

Maica: There’s also romance, so it suits the occasion. What about the cast?

Rindou: I would like Sinju to be both the center and singer this time.

Sinju: Wait, me!? What about you, Rindou?

Rindou: I want to focus on directing this time. There are a lot of things that I’m still not comfortable with doing. What do you think, Sinju? Do you think you can do it?

Sinju: Of course! Leave it to me, Rindou!

Nekome: Oho~ That’s the spirit! Is this your first time being center?

Sinju: Nope, I’ve done it many times before, but it’s been a while, so I want to give it my all.

Nekome: Wow~ It looks like Sinju has become a fine young man~

Maica: What the, you sound like an old man.

Menou: I see, interesting. I can’t wait to start.

Sinju: What? Menou, don’t tell me you’ve already finished reading the whole thing?

Menou: No one is using the practice room, right? Let’s continue reading it over there.

Rindou: We don’t have much time before the show, so it’s fine with me if everyone is okay with it.

Menou: I’ll go ahead then~

Sinju: I’m going, too!

-Menou & Sinju leave-

Maica: Making Sinju the center and singer during this time, you really set him up for a challenge.

Rindou: It may be difficult, but I think it’s a good opportunity for him. I plan to help him out as much as I can, but I also want you to look out for him, Maica.

Maica: Alright, I got it.

Rindou: You too, Nekome, don’t be too hard on him.

Nekome: You want us to go easy on Sinju~ Okay, I got you.

to be continued…

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! I was planning on posting this on that day, but proofreading took a bit longer than I expected 🥲

On another note, I finally mustered up the courage to attempt translating a whole ass event story yay! The next chapter should be ready sometime next week depending on how busy I am.

You’d think things were finally settling down for Team P, but this was just the calm before the storm 😂

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