Tears of Themis No.42 – Sky Life, Wings of Exhilaration, Wherever We May Go, & HoHo Luck Merch

Hello~ I’m hosting a group order for Tears of Themis official merch. USA & International orders OK! (USA based) Please see the order form below for more details.

Shares are appreciated! ❤ #lieselGOs

General Information

✧ Order Form: bit.ly/3yUjxsy
✧ Purchase Bonus: ✅
✧ Deadline: Apr 04 (11PM CST)
✧ Status: Ongoing
✧ Order ID: tot 42

Product Lineup

  • Square Badge
  • Shikishi Board
  • Can Badge
  • Acrylic Pendant
  • Shikishi Board
  • Acrylic Panel
  • Can Badge
  • Shikishi Board
  • Acrylic Panel
  • Can Badge + Cover
  • Acrylic Card Pendant
  • Pillow
  • PU Keychain
  • Wooden Stamp Set
  • Magnet Acrylic Display

Re-Run Merch

  • Star Shaped Badge
  • Thick Acrylic Pendant
  • Shikishi Board
  • Can Badge
  • Acrylic Quicksand Block
  • Can Badge
  • Shikishi Board
  • PP Poster

Additional Information

A confirmation email containing a copy of your order will be sent to you within 3 days (excluding weekends & holidays) after I receive your payment. If you don’t receive anything by then, please let me know ASAP!

If you have any questions, please check the FAQ first before contacting me.

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