lieselGOs Updates – April 2023

New month equals new updates!

Shipping Updates

The last round of 2nd payment invoices for the Winter 2023 Batch will be sent out by April 8th (10:30 AM CST). 

The Winter 2023 Batch includes arrivals up until March 2023. You can view the orders that are currently being prepared for shipment in the Packing List Page.

If you’re expecting a 2nd payment invoice and don’t receive anything, feel free to reach out to me after the date stated above.

A reminder that if you selected Twitter, Tumblr, and/or Instagram as your preferred contact method, then I’ll contact you via DM for your payments. I’ll only contact you via email if you only provided an email for your contact information or if your DMs are closed/can’t find your account.

However, starting next batch/new orders, all important communication, including invoices, will be sent via email.  If the new method creates too much confusion, I’ll just go back to the old one!

Payment Methods

Paypal is available once again for USA joiners for select orders!

For the time being, it’ll only be available for Japan orders with the exception of Kuji/Gacha GOs.

If things go well, I’ll consider making the option available for China orders as well in the future.

The payment methods for International joiners continue to be Paypal and Ko-fi.

Individual Orders

There are two new forms for individual orders:

Japan Individual Form
✧Most online stores OK: Animate, Stellaworth, Movic, Premium Bandai, Sanrio, Toranoana, Booth, Blackstar Theater Starless, Amazon, and more…!

Taobao/Tmall Individual Form
✧ Taobao/Tmall ONLY

What can I buy?
✧ Pre-orders & In-stocks OK

✧ Items from any series & content OK, including R18 goods like drama CDs, games, manga, etc!

✧ Some digital items

There’s no limit on the number of orders or items, so order as much as you like! For more info, please check out the order forms.

Response Times

My main focus right now is shipping out all remaining orders, so delays in replies are to be expected. Priority will be given to emails while DMs are subject to longer response times. 

Feel free to bump your email/DM if you haven’t received a reply by April 14 (11:50 PM CST), I’ll get back to you ASAP! I promise I’m not ignoring anyone 🥺

…And that’s all the updates for now. Thank you so much for your patience and kind understanding. See ya on the next update~☆


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