Blackstar Theater Starless – Season 5 Chapter 2 “For Whom the Stars Run”

Blackstar Theater Starless Season 5 Chapter 2 has begun!

Event Period: Apr 21 – May 01 (12:59 AM CST)


Maica, who is assigned as the center for Team P’s solo performance, receives additional info about the BC Detective Team’s investigation. Unbestknown to what awaits him, Maica takes a step forward for the team—

Originally tweeted by 【公式】ブラックスター -Theater Starless-【ブラスタ】 (@Blackstar_ts) on April 20, 2023.

✦Event Song

Title: Momentary Lie / Setsuna no Uso
Original Title: 刹那の嘘
Artist: Maica (Singer: Kradness)
Lyrics: Aiko Takase
Music: Mikoto

✦Pick-Up Gacha

New ★4-cards featuring Nekome and Ran are now available for pick-up! These cards have a special effect during the event.

✦Reward Card

The event reward card is a ★5-card featuring Maica!

✦Game Info

Original Title: ブラックスター -Theater Starless-
Genre: Bad Boy Rhythm Game
Platform: iOS/Android
Language: Japanese
Links: Official WebsiteOfficial Twitter


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