9 R.I.P. Character Trailers Translation

I decided to translate some of the 9 R.I.P. character trailers. I said I was only doing my faves, but the list grew longer as I watched each one. At this rate I might end up having a hard time choosing a fave 🥹

※Please do not repost, retranslate, or use my translations without permission. Translation may not be 100% accurate!


Kureha: “What is a living person doing here?”

While I wandered around the school building which had become another world, I crossed paths with a kind-hearted ghost.

Kureha: “There must be a reason why I met you, I’ll help you get back home safely.”

As he helped me search for a way back home, I saw the real Karakara-san.

Kureha: “What’s with this sword? Why is it covered with blood?”


Hibiki: “Can you see me?”

While I wandered around the school building which had become another world, I came into contact with an icy cold presence.

Hibiki: “Maybe the body heat that makes the loneliness in my heart go away is like poison to me.”

If only this body heat could free his heart from the darkness.

Hibiki: “I wanted to live and be happy.”

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of my heart breaking! Free my boy Hibiki 😭💔


Kouyou: “You’re the new ghost, right? Are you okay?”

I didn’t know what to do after I became a ghost, he guided me.

Kouyou: “I don’t care if you think I’m being pushy or whatever, but I can’t leave you alone now.”

The one that can’t be left alone is him.

Kouyou: “I don’t want to involve you in my revenge.”

Kouyou was one of the ones that initially caught my eye, then I kinda lost interest, but now he has my attention again. He seems like a sweet person, plus I’m curious about this whole revenge thing!


SENA: “You saw me, didn’t you?”

He was the shining star who saved me while I wandered around as a ghost.

SENA: “I’m in off mode right now, but I’m glad that I can help you, not as the idol SENA, but as myself.”

I also want to help him, so that he’s able to wake up.

SENA: “Even if I forget you once I wake up, I’ll fall in love with you all over again.”

It seems I cannot escape the “We meet as ghosts and fall in love, but once we wake up (because we’re not really dead), all of our memories about each other may or may not be erased” trope. My heart is not ready 💔


Minami: “I’ll be waiting for you in our dream world for two.”

A devil caught my eye and I followed him to hell……I fell into the depths of despair.

Minami: “What’s this? I’m not allowed to because I’m a devil? Isn’t that discrimination?

I really hate his twisted way of thinking.

Minami: “Misa, let’s kill each other.”

Minami is so cuteeee!!! I just know that he’s going to be a little shit too lol I can’t wait to play his route 😂


Seiya: “I will definitely make it for you.”

I was really lucky that he was the one I met in hell.

Seiya: “Hehe that is fine with me, but you will need to help me.”

He’s a pervert, a self-proclaimed menhera, and occasionally, an exorcist.

Seiya: “This is the first time in decades that I have performed an exorcism.”

Honestly I had no interest in Seiya, but his trailer changed my mind. What do you mean pervert and menhera? I wasn’t expecting that, especially the former 👀

Liesel’s Sinful Corner

The release date is fast approaching and I’m so excited! I thought the wait would feel like forever, but it hasn’t seemed that way at all. This also means that I have less than a month to buy myself a Switch (or steal my little brother’s 🏃🏻‍♀️) It’s just that I still can’t decide which one to buy 🥹

Anyway! I’m looking forward to all School Ghost Story, Urban Legend, and Isekai routes! (sorry Ayakashi) I was initially 100% crazy about Hibiki, but I’m leaning more towards Sena as of lately! I have a feeling that what awaits me is angst and suffering though 🙂 I guess I’ll find out soon enough! 1 more month to go~

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