About Sinful Liesel

Sinful Liesel is a blog that focuses on ikemen, ikebo, and josei-muke media. Here you’ll find release info, translations, ramblings, group orders, and more! For more information about my group orders, please check my Masterlist.


Majority of the content in this blog is SFW, but some content is intended for mature audiences only and is recommended for ages 18+. In addition, there may be some topics (non-con, dub-con, etc.) and explicit language that might make some feel uncomfortable. Please proceed with caution and view my blog at your own risk❗



Do you take commissions?

Not for the time being as I barely have time to translate the things I like *sobs* However, if you enjoy my translations, please consider supporting me by buying me a ko-fi or shopping using my affiliate links. All earnings go towards running the site! Your support is greatly appreciated 🤗

Do you take translation requests?

Same answer as above.

Do you allow the use of your translations?

Please DO NOT REPOST, RETRANSLATE, OR USE my translations in any way without permission. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

I can’t see your translation for xxxx/Where can I find your translation for xxxx?

You can find all of my translations under my translation masterlists. Translations range from full translations to snippets. If you can’t find it/can’t see it then it’s because the translation doesn’t exist.

Someone already posted a translation for xxxx, so why post yours?
» I practice by translating the things I like. I want to share it & I will.

What do you think of your translations?
» I’m currently studying (self-learning) Japanese. I still consider myself a beginner & my translations are by no means perfect, but I put a lot of effort and love into them! I only recently discovered my own translation style, so please bear with me if there are any errors or if they sound a bit awkward.

※Translation may not be 100% accurate.
※Audio translation is not my forte.

My Uploads:

Do you allow the use of your “images”?
» My scans/artwork/images/edits: Please DO NOT REPOST, OR USE these images in any other way without permission unless stated otherwise. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Why don’t you watermark your images?
» I feel like they take the beauty of an image away and I don’t want to be “that” person, but if I see my stuff being used/reposted without permission then I’ll start watermarking.

General Questions:

Are you open for trading Drama CDs, Tokutens, etc.?

Currently closed. If I’m looking for a specific trade, I’ll announce it!

Do you know where I can listen to, download, read, watch xxxx?
» To purchase: If I know, I’ll be more than glad to help you!
» Free content: Free content on official platforms OK.

※I will NOT share links for raws, or share any paid content in full. (snippets OK)
※I may deny requests of series I have no interest in.

What does the word xxxx mean?
» Please check my Keywords page first, chances are that it’s already listed there. 😉

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you.

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