Nie no Machi -Iro Musubi- Story

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One day, Hisora, who worked several manual labor part-time jobs concurrently without any time to rest, wandered into a strange world when he chased after a young man in mourning dress

A little less than a year has passed since then, and Hisora has been staying at the inn while he searches for a way to return to his original world――It’s now the summer season.

Even though he hasn’t been able to find a way back home, he spends his days living comfortably with everyone at the inn.

In the midst of those extraordinary days, an ominous shadow begins to haunt him.

Not wanting to cause any trouble to anyone, Hisora keeps it to himself, living every day in fear, but……

A story of one summer in the heat haze.


Hisora chooses to stay at the inn or return to his world.

8 bittersweet stories woven by Hisora and his loved one as they overcome difficulties together.


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Mio Suou -Bad End 1- After Story

After losing consciousness and being kidnapped by Totonoe, Hisora wakes up in a small and dirty room. From that day on, his life of captivity, rape, and abuse begins.

Asuku Rokushou -Bad End 1- After Story

Coming soon…

Naruomi Kuchiba -Bad End 1- After Story

A very, very long time has passed since Hisora took Shiro’s hand. The inn, the town, and the people have changed completely in the “town of sacrifice”, and Hisora and the twins have become existences that are loved, feared, and worshiped by the people.

Naruomi Kuchiba -Bad End 3- After Story

Two weeks have passed. Hisora and Naruomi are still being held captive in Akari’s room, and today as well, they are to take part in Akari’s “child’s play”.

Koko -Bad End 2- After Story

Coming soon…

-Bad End 6- After Story

Coming soon…

Game PageStoryCharactersCG Gallery

Feat. Ikemen, Ikebo, and Josei-muke Media

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